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What is ensocialize?

Ensocialize is a real-time social media wall, aggregating the latest and most relevant posts from Twitter and Instagram for your company or event.

Peanuts tent at Comic-Con 2015


Create a social interaction experience for your users. The custom Twitter mirror app can feature fun overlays of characters from a movie, or a branded style that users can apply to their selfies.


Brand your Ensolialize wall for your specific event.

  • Choose a hashtag to sync with your Ensocialize wall posts
  • Choose a font size and style
  • Choose a photo or a color for the background

Real-time moderation

Keep track of real time updates made to your Ensocialize wall with filters
and security to make sure that posted content is appropriate.

Real Time Moderation

Easy Setup

Installation for the Ensocialize setup is included, along with equipment.

Setup gif

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